Contesting An Unfair Will

A death of a parent can create trouble in the family, if a will has not been written, but if only one brother or sister in the family get a larger portion of inheritance from the deceased, this can create resentment and also antagonism between the family members. The ‘last will and testament’ is a legal document that sets out final wishes of an individual with regard to all his worldly possessions, including property, finances and other assets, of the deceased. 

According to law, a person can leave all his worldly possessions to whomever they wish, be it family friends, charities or even to the church. Large estates are usually equally divided amongst a person’s children, or beneficiaries. There are times when this rule is forgotten and a parent may leave a larger part of his assets such as the ancestral home to the favorite of his children, which will breed resentment among the other family members. If someone was unfairly left out of the will, which should have really benefitted from the will, then it is possible to contest the will. However there are grounds for contesting a will, and there should be a valid reason behind your challenge. On is that if a person if the testator did not have a proper understanding, mentally, at the time of making the will. Another is that if a will doesn’t provide reasonably for certain family members, such as step sons, or son-in-law’s. If a close partner was neglected in the will, then there are grounds for contesting a will. Yet another valid ground for contesting is that the person had undue pressure put on him/her. If the contents of the will were fraudulently changed, again you have valid grounds for contesting a will. Due to these reasons a claim can be made against an estate.

If you do have a valid reason to challenge the will, then you will need to solicit the service of estate dispute lawyers childers. The dispute will be resolved in the court system by using the Childers litigation law. Challenging a will can be costly, and time-consuming business, however it is very commonplace, if children specially receive an unexpectedly small inheritance from a parent’s estate. They would often wonder whether to settle out of courts or to challenge the will in courts as this can result in a lot of hurt and anger, and create rivalry against the family members.Therefore you need to think carefully if you are going to drag all your families’ dirty laundry in court or to settle out of court. Whatever you decide on make sure you consult trustworthy lawyers and reliable.