The Role Law Play In Your Life

Is it very distant?

Law plays an important role in our day to day lives. We might not give it much thought as we go about our work. We might associate law with high profile cases involving a lot of media coverage, such as a murder case. Law might seem to be something that is distant and not a part of our lives, and certainly not a part of our chores and work at office. However, you would be surprised to know how pervasive the working of the law can be. It governs almost every aspect of our lives and if we stop to think about it, we would be able to appreciate how it governs a myriad spheres.

An important part of family life

Let us start with our family. The law plays an important part in the formation of a family, as you are required to be legally married in order to be recognized as a family unit for various purposes. What constitutes a legal marriage would also depend on the law regulating the state or the country in question. For example, the law in certain countries might accept a traditional marriage as constituting adequate evidence of the couple being legally married. Further, in the event the marriage breaks down, divorce lawyers in Townsville play an integral part in settling the interest of the parties involved.

For example, the custody of the children, the division of common property and maintenance to be paid by the spouses would all be handled by divorce lawyers in line with the prevailing law at the time.

Governing your work and rights

The law would play an important role in terms of your work as well. The contract of employment stipulating all the terms and conditions which govern your work is a legal document. In the event of any dispute or an infringement of your rights by your employer or find the right lawyer, you would be able to fall back on the contract as well as laws generally governing work relations and minimum standards, to make sure that you are not discriminated against.

A part of your holiday plans

Further, the law also can play an important role when you are travelling. There might be certain things that you are not allowed to carry with you when you travel, especially if you are travelling overseas. The laws of the country you are travelling to, those of your own country and even international law could apply to you in these instances. Further, any legal documents that you have to present in order to be allowed entry into the country that you are visiting would also be stipulated by the law of that country. Thus, it is evident that law is a part of our day to day lives and not only confined to high profile and sensational cases.